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  • Jock McVlug

    Jock McVlug March 23, 2006, 1:41 a.m. (Message 44852)

    Re: Dashing White Sergeant (was Two Chords)

     Jim Healy wrote:
     "The old timers on this list will be unsurprised at my approximately
     biennial  answer to this question. The DWS always did, and IMO should
     still,  start with a four bar intro. That allows plenty of time for the
     person to acknowledge both partners and both lines of three to make  eye
    Add me to the list favouring the 4 bar intro for DWS. And no better version
    exists (in my opinion)
    than Ian MacPhail and his band from the tape "Scotland- The Dances and Dance
    (Tunes are Dashing White Sergeant, Caddam Woods, and Miss Suzanne Barbour)
    Jack in Beautiful British Columbia

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