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  • Chris1Ronald

    Chris1Ronald March 22, 2006, 9:47 p.m. (Message 44846)

    Re: Dashing White Sergeant (was Two Chords)

    Jim Healy wrote:
    "The old timers on this list will be unsurprised at my approximately  
    answer to this question. The DWS always did, and IMO should always  still, 
    start with a four bar intro. That allows plenty of time for the  centre 
    person to acknowledge both partners and both lines of three to make  eye 
    I'm glad you wrote it again, Jim, as I don't remember reading it  before.  In 
    fact, I don't remember hearing it on a recording,  either.  Your remarks had 
    me scurrying for my recordings of DWS.   Curiously, as you certainly know, the 
    two RSCDS recordings (Music for Collins  Pocket Reference volume 2, and A 
    Scottish Celebration) that I own both have  just a single chord.  
    A four-bar, or two-chord, intro clearly makes sense in this type of  dance, 
    but I wonder how newer teachers or MCs or musicians could discover  that this 
    is an accepted - or even preferred - intro, other than by reading your  
    biennial contribution on the subject on the Strathspey list!  I don't  suppose 
    there's anything about it in the new manual (in the Bow and Curtsey  section) is 
    there?  (I don't have my copy of the manual  handy.)
    Chris, New York.

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