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  • B McIntyre

    B McIntyre March 22, 2006, 6:30 p.m. (Message 44839)


    Wesley Harry <xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xx> wrote:  Sounds like Glasgow Highlanders.
    Do you need a copy of the original instructions? If so mail me.
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    From: "Victor Raymond" 
    Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 7:41 PM
    Subject: Question about dances
    > Dear All,
    > I probably ought to ask Linda Lieberman this question, but I'll toss it 
    > out here. Forgive me if I'm just incapable of finding dances on my own.
    > I'm looking for dances that include the following figure (and I suspect it 
    > is a small number):
    > At *some* point in the dance, the first couple dances down, picking up 
    > second lady as they go by: 2L-1M-1L. As they are dancing down, second man 
    > follows behind first man. They all turn over their (right?) shoulders and 
    > dance up the line of the dance, the two ladies stepping forward to be on 
    > either side of second man, with first man now trailing. I don't recall 
    > how the figure ends, as there might be several ways to finish.
    > If anyone might point me towards dances with this figure, I would be 
    > grateful. Thank you. (Suggestions on how to search for this stuff would 
    > also be appreciated)
    > Victor
    > Victor J Raymond
    > vraymond "at" 
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