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  • simon scott

    simon scott March 22, 2006, 5:58 p.m. (Message 44837)

    RE: Two Chords

    Anselm wrote
    Don't forget that the RSCDS is, at the end of the day, a standards body.
    Standards bodies are conservative by nature. Conservatism in a standards
    is commonly considered a Good Thing, as one does not want do chase after
    every new-fangled idea that might come up. Things should settle down for
    bit before they show up on a standards body's radar screen.
    	Anselm, as you mention, two chords for these dances were never
    an adopted standard. They just happened (maybe from Glasgow Highlanders,
    I'm not sure). I'm very sorry they ever became "current practice". 
    	Left foot start for men in a poussette only involves that man
    and has little affect on the appearance of the figure. Hands in set and
    link don't make a large visual effect. However, I find that four people
    changing sides in an "un-dances-like" way spoils the elegance of the
    beginning of a dance and is "very" visual.
    For the just-one-chord proponents, it seems a more promising approach to
    educate the people out in the field directly -- dance dev^H^H^Hauthors,
    organisers/MCs, and musicians. Apparently John Drewry, one of the main 
    originators of >two-chord dances< has already seen the light, so if we
    the idea another decade or two things may have settled the way Simon et
    would like, and then the RSCDS will be happy to follow suit in their 
    	I completely agree, and I trust this may happen.
    	Simon Vancouver

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