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  • Jan E Rudge

    Jan E Rudge March 22, 2006, 5:54 p.m. (Message 44836)

    Re: Two Chords

    < I'm another vote in favor of moving to the correct place to
    start the dance while forming sets and one chord (unless a 2nd is needed
    to acknowledge another dancer in the set -- Bobby Brown's Canadian
    Breakdown is a perfect example). >
    Yes, me too.   Only one chord please.
    Mainly because it looks and feels so scruffy when
    half the dancers on the floor try (and some fail)
    to cross the set in time to begin the dance.
    The whole "Ready... and.." feeling, which we should
    get when we prepare to dance, is lost.
    Beaconsfield, UK
    RSCDS London Branch
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