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  • Ron Mackey

    Ron Mackey March 22, 2006, 1:21 a.m. (Message 44828)

    Re: Two chords - a question

    > Martin,
    > in Grenoble, France. wrote
    > > There is a strange contradiction:
    > On one hand, so much insistence on fun, socializing, relaxation ...
    > On the other, "straighten up you lines", "clear the floor between dances", 
    > just stand up straight and do as you are told.
    	It seems from some postings that we must be tidy while we 
    form up sets and count them.   !! ? ^^  Talk of militarisation ... !
    > Down with the second chord !!
    I think I'm firmly in favour of Crossing on the first and Bowing on the 
    second chord as being more sensible and a neater start to the 
    dance.  As for causing confusion - well it doesn't when something 
    (even very minor) is changed in the manual.  It seems that everyone 
    just snaps to attantion, salutes and it is done without fuss. 
    Perhaps just a few grumbles but then ---  :))

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