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  • simon scott

    simon scott March 21, 2006, 5:36 p.m. (Message 44818)

    RE: Two Chords

    Ian Brockbank wrote:-
    > If we get rid of the second chord, we lose a chance to all laugh
    > together as inevitably some members of the set forget and start 
    > dancing straight away. It's a bonding opportunity.
    I have yet to see it as a 'bonding opportunity' when I as a musician
    have occasionally forgotten the second chord. I am amazed I have
    survived some of the daggers that have been fired in my direction by
    supposedly 'friendly dancers'!!!!
    George Meikle
    Lothian Scottish Dance Band
    I'm still convinced that "one chord" eliminates confusion, avoids an
    unnecessary non-dance movement and allows an elegant bow and courtesy to
    begin the dance.

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