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  • mlamontbrown

    mlamontbrown March 21, 2006, 9:43 a.m. (Message 44800)

    RE: Two chords - a question

    Audrey wrote:
    > My local Branch (Western Australia) is in the process of having a CD recorded to
    > a book of WA dances. Some of the dances are for four couple sets, with third and
    > couples starting the dance on opposite sides. The issue of recording two chords for
    > dances has arisen. I would very much appreciate the opinion of Strathspey
    subscribers as to
    > whether they are in favour of the inclusion of two chords, or not.
    One of the problems with two chords is to know when to start moving to cross over -
    in theory the start of the chord is the signal to start crossing, but if dancers wait
    until then, they usually aren't in position for the start of the dance - (assuming
    the set is of a reasonable width).
    I think this is because the gap between the chord and the leading note is not any
    longer than the bands usually play, and is why I wish it had originally been decided
    to the move on the first chord & acknowledge on the second.
    I teach my dancers to start crossing as soon as the first chord has finished, but
    this means they have to overcome a natural reluctance to stand still during silence.
    I wonder if you could get the band to give a slightly longer gap between the second
    chord and the leading note?
    There are a few RSCDS dances where the first couple are the only ones that change
    sides at the start of the dance Lady Mackintosh's Rant, The Menzies Rant, The Jimp
    Waist, My Love She's But a Lassie Yet (when danced in a longwise set), and Polka
    Country Dance.
    Malcolm L Brown

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