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  • Martin

    Martin March 21, 2006, 9:29 a.m. (Message 44799)

    Re: Two chords - a question

    The counting business is a bit reminiscent of primary school -- and as 
    mentioned, not always well performed.
    ECdancers and contra dancers manage pefectly well by forming "hands 4 (or 6, 
    or 8) from the top" and crossing over when required withiut further fuss. 
    Have SCDers become so used to quasi military regimentation that they are no 
    longer capable of thinking for themselves?
    There is a strange contradiction:
    On one hand, so much insistence on fun, socializing, relaxation ...
    On the other, "straighten up you lines", "clear the floor between dances", 
    just stand up straight and do as you are told.
    And is it not more important to find one's place on the dance floor quickly 
    (impossible to do in any military manner, I think), than to appease the gods 
    looking down from above by having every couple cross over simultaneously 
    ("tidily") on an ear-jarring chord?
    Perhaps one day we shall look back on military precision the way we now look 
    back on the days when the men all had to sweat the evening away in tight 
    black jackets!
    Down with the second chord !!!
    in Grenoble, France. 

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