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  • Sophie Rickebusch

    Sophie Rickebusch March 21, 2006, 8:52 a.m. (Message 44796)

    The Triumph (was: Question about dances)

    Except in The Triumph you have only 2 people leading down (2M+1W) and 3 leading
    up (1M who was following joins with the other two in "Triumph" hold)
    It's one of those "love it or hate it" dances, I think... I personally quite
    like it as it's a bit different but not too strenuous (ie. interesting enough
    for first couple, but gives the others the chance to rest), so it works well
    towards the end of a dance programme. I would probably get fed up with it if it
    appeared too often though.
    > That's the one I was thinking of too!
    > > Possibly "The Triumph"?
    > >> At *some* point in the dance, the first couple dances down, picking
    > >> up second lady as they go by: 2L-1M-1L.  As they are dancing down,
    > >> second man follows behind first man.
    Sophie Rickebusch
    CH - Wettswil a. A.

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