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  • Sophie Rickebusch

    Sophie Rickebusch March 21, 2006, 8:41 a.m. (Message 44795)

    Re: Two Chords

    I agree totally! I like the idea of crossing over on the 2nd chord (although
    doing so on the first and bowing/curtseying on the 2nd would be fine too, but if
    you start trying to change this now, you'll end up with confusion for the next
    few decades). Some argued it made things rushed, but if people know what they
    are doing, they'll change on cue and it will look much neater than changing over
    as the sets are being counted (and if they haven't picked up the fact that they
    had to change over, then it doesn't bode well for the rest of the dance and
    maybe they should have sat that one out...)
    Quoting Charles Upton <>:
    > Please, please 2 chords!, I agree with Phill - we endeavour to achieve
    > straight lines and covering during the dances but the thought of couples just
    > crossing over as they are being counted or as the sets are forming, will at
    > best be untidy and at worst chaotic.
    > I consider 2 chords a necessity for these dances and if the chords are
    > slightly different - great!.  Please don't alter something that, in my
    > opinion, works well.
    > Charles Upton
    Sophie Rickebusch
    CH - Wettswil a. A.

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