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  • Phill Jones

    Phill Jones March 20, 2006, 8:39 p.m. (Message 44780)

    RE: Two chords - a question

    From a musical point of view it does not make the slightest bit of
    difference when you are playing it.  However, when you are forming
    longwise sets in a crowded dance hall you are always relying on the 'top
    man' to count the sets for you.  How often do we see this counting go
    wrong?  Maybe because the man is still getting his shoes on and the
    counter misses that couple out, or maybe because the couple are not
    stood in position and do not get counted because they are chatting with
    the couple above or below them or even a couple in the set behind them.
    So, assuming the dancers have waited until they are counted to change to
    the opposite side they then have to change back before being recounted
    and then back again after the recount has been confirmed as correct.
    Or, do you wait until everyone is happy with the counting and change
    then, but the music is just about to start so that becomes just as
    rushed as changing on the second chord, which in itself only seems to
    become rushed by the couples who are not paying attention to where they
    are in the set or the dance they are about to share with the rest of the
    For my monies worth, leave two chords with the second chord used to
    change to the opposite side where necessary and ask the dancers to give
    the dance the attention it deserves!  This also means that the whole
    room will move together, which makes everything so much nicer and neater
    to watch.
    Phew, I'll get off my soap box now :-)
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    Steve wrote
    I'd vote for including 2 chords; regardless of various objections, it
    still seems to be standard practice to play them, and most dancers are
    used to them. 
    	It seems sad that we should either start or continue a "standard
    practice" that distracts rather than enhances.
     If anyone really objects to two chords they can simply copy the track
    and chop the first chord off; easily done with various computer audio
    editing programs. -Steve
    	Or, for the few dancers and musicians who wish, a duplicate
    chord can be added.
    	Can we hear from any strathspey musicians regarding their
    comments on the matter.
    Simon Vancouver

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