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  • Audrey & Robin Emmett

    Audrey & Robin Emmett March 20, 2006, 8 a.m. (Message 44751)

    Two chords - a question

    My local Branch (Western Australia) is in the process of having a Cd
    recorded to accompany a book of WA dances. Some of the dances are for
    four couple sets,  with third and fourth couples starting the dance on
    opposite sides. The issue of recording two chords for these dances has
    arisen. I would very much appreciate the opinion of Strathspey
    subscribers as to whether they are in favour of the inclusion of two
    chords, or not.
    We had heard from a UK visitor that RSCDS HQ was thinking of dropping
    the recording of two chords, but the Cd for Book 43 disproved that
    My thanks in anticipation...
    Audrey Emmett
    Perth, Western Australia

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