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  • simon scott

    simon scott March 18, 2006, 6:14 p.m. (Message 44740)

    RE: hands or not? - "Wickstead Delight"

    In these instructions, what is the difference between a "pass" and a
    "half turn"? Should bars 3 and 4 not be a full turn in order to come
    back, if it is to come back the way you came?
    I don't know the dance and would like to see the rest of the
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    Dear Fran,
      The instructions actually specify hands - ".. giving right then left -
    and turn the third person ..".
      What is not clear to me is whether anyone other than first couple are
    involved. I am going to assume that second and third couples are only
    involved when first couple give them a hand to change places.
      Also, I assume the phrasing for first couple is 'change right on 1,
    change left on 2 and half turn right on 3 and 4'. 
      This does make it difficult for second couple who will be changing
    places on 2 - with the left foot only or do they actually use bars 2 and
    3? This would be much easier if in strathspey time.
      Also, does the movement back to places start with right or left hands?
      DanceData does not include this dance. Can you provide me with a copy
    or advise me where I can obtain a copy from.
      Iain Boyd
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    xxxx-xxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xx wrote:
      Can anyone shed light on the following 8 bars of Wickstead Delight?
    It's not clear to me whether dancers should pass shoulders
    or give hands!
    Third Figure
    24 - 32 All dance a "Broken Chain" round and back.
    (Begin facing partner and pass two - giving right then left - and turn
    the third person half round with right, then chain back again to places)
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