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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister March 17, 2006, 12:16 a.m. (Message 44735)

    Re: Less stress on Footwork

    As the "good" dancers will obviously be maintaining eye contact hew can 
    they tell if the footwork doesn't meet their high standard?
    In message <xxxxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx>, Eric Ferguson 
    <x.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx> writes
    >Campbell's approach has more to commend it.
    >In social dancing, poor steps hardly disturb the set, but it spoils the joy
    >for all when positioning and phrasing are wrong.  Dancers who are late
    >(think of Grand Chain, Allemande, the turns of "turn corners and partner"),
    >or early or far out of place can turn a lovely dance into a contest to get
    >through and avoid collapse.  I too often see the attitude "if the set did
    >not collapse, the dance went well".
    >Why do we not give good timing and positioning, and dancing with the music,
    >the top priority in our teaching?  We would all have fewer frustrations at
    >our dance events.  I know a new dancer who says "I need to think so much
    >of my feet and the formations that I am leaving it to later to also listen
    >to the music". It shows that some newcomers pick up a wrong order of
    >Of course, in dems we DO need good footwork, but that is not the issue
    >under discussion.
    >On 13 Mar 2006 at 9:39, xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx wrote:
    >> At the risk of making myself hugely unpopular, may I venture to suggest that
    >> the lesson to be learned here is that footwork needs to be downgraded to an
    >> optional extra in SCD, rather than a qualifying skill.  I shall use my own
    >> experience to illustrate the point.
    Bryan McAlister

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