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  • Ian Brockbank

    Ian Brockbank March 14, 2006, 9:38 p.m. (Message 44710)

    FW: OT: Looking for a piper

    Hi All,
    Slightly off-topic, but some of you may have connections.  I've just
    received this email.  Can anyone help?  Please reply directly to
    Ian Brockbank 
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    From: Allie [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx] 
    Sent: 11 March 2006 12:14
    Subject: re:Looking for a pier
    Hello there from Snowy Aberdeen.
    Wondered if you could help.
    Am due to fly out to San Diego for my son's 21st birthday - he is at Uni
    I would love to surprise him with a piper on the day.  Any suggestions on
    how I might find one?
    With thanks,
    Allie Scott

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