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  • mlamontbrown

    mlamontbrown March 14, 2006, 11:27 a.m. (Message 44701)

    RE: Teaching and guns

    Richard wrote:
    > There was a psych study that proved how any reinforcement positive or
    > negative can work if consistant, but inconsistant reinforcement tended
    > to cause problems. Even child abuse is an effective teaching method of
    > consistant. To carry this allusion farther, the societal problems to
    > day have more to do with inconsistant reinforcement that breeds
    > distrust.
    I thought there was evidence to show that the optimum way of learning was "random
    rewards", i.e. when you got a reward for doing something correctly, but not every
    I can remember finding this worked with me - a four day dancing weekend, with the
    teacher giving out no more than half a dozen "Well done xxxxx" during the weekend.
    (where xxxx is someone's name) ---- Everyone worked really hard to try and get one of
    these sparse phrases  of individual praise.
    OK, it is not what I actually do now, having been taken up with the modern approach
    of "giving plenty of encouragement" - I even try to limit the number of "buts" when I
    tell them something is "well done", and when I am concentrating I even remember to
    phrase the qualifier with "it would have been even better if ......." instead of
    "pity you forgot...."
    I think the trick is not to reward efforts with either silence or criticism and fault
    Malcolm L Brown

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