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  • Ron Mackey

    Ron Mackey March 14, 2006, 12:22 a.m. (Message 44692)

    Re: Teaching and guns (was: Where are the RSCDS???)

    > 2) SCD footwork is easy. No, let me say this better, SCD footwork is 
    > VERY easy, especially compared to other forms of dancing like ballroom, 
    > highland, salsa, etc. There are only 5 steps to be mastered and the most 
    > difficult one (PdB in my opinion) doesn't take years of classical 
    > training to learn. The proof of what I am saying is that /I/ can do it....
    		You are young, agile and have physical energy to 
    spare.  I know, I have watched you dance.
    	What do you tell someone of 50+,say, who wants to dance?  
    "Don't bother - you'll never master sufficient technique? You'll only 
    slow us down?  You'll make us look shoddy?"
    	Instead of thinking of technique just thank the powers that 
    you can do it to your own satisfaction.   Many of us would love to but 
    no longer can oor even never could.   Will you deny us the floor?
    	The head, the hands and timing are FAR more important 
    than feet!
    	They are a luxury for the, comparatively, few.

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