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  • Martin

    Martin March 13, 2006, 7 p.m. (Message 44685)

    Re: getting a partner

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    From: "William & Shellagh Whyte"
    >Provided you have carefully preserved it, you will see in the first issue 
    >the SCDer (the RSCDS new magazine) publicity for the very holiday
    I did indeed see that ad, but never had any replies to telephone or e-mail 
    enquiries from the agency.
    >... I suspect that he went
    > on this trip purely for market research purposes (tax deductible?)
    What makes you think I pay taxes?
    No, my sole aims were sun, dance and friendship.
    I enjoyed all three.
    I also learned a little English while I was there, but hardly met any 
    Spanish speakers at all.

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