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  • Martin

    Martin March 13, 2006, 3:25 p.m. (Message 44679)

    Re: getting a partner

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    From: "Jan E Rudge"
    > My interest is piqued...  Where were you dancing, Martin?
    I don't think I have said anything rude about anyone, so I can tell you : 
    near Malaga, Andalucia.
    Ian Barbour's clear MC-ing, Robert Whitehead's fine playing (R/J, 8x32 = 
    4mins, 22 secs, just like when I was young. Who said the OAPs could not keep 
    going at that pace? )
    > And how did the dancing at Gatwick Airport go?
    I had to phone and tell the one person that did promise to keep me company 
    not to come as my plane from Grenoble was delayed.  I still had several 
    hours to explore the Gatwick dance floor!  -- and had time for a chat with 
    some SCDers coming off the plane at the end of a different dance holiday.
    The hotel was huge and quite impersonal, but the particpants all seemed to 
    be delightful people. We all made our own arrangements in the day time and 
    came together for our mutual pleasure each evening. I'd recommend such a 
    holiday to anyone (shall I say "over 50"?).
    And there was brilliant sunshine, fragrant orange blossom, even jasmine in 
    flower ...
    Shall I add that, once a year, there is also an SCD holiday southeastern 

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