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  • Jim Healy

    Jim Healy March 13, 2006, 1:28 p.m. (Message 44669)

    RE: Where are the RSCDS???

    The answer to this question is contained within it.
    >We would have had 8 - 10 teams competing.
    At Perth this year, there were probably less than eight teams competing in 
    all classes.
    Last year, as one of the Perth Branch class teachers and at the request of 
    some members of the Branch committee, I presented teams in the ladies, mixed 
    (including Andrea fae Dundee) and 'non-competitive' sections. This year, I 
    understand, there was no enthusiasm from dancers or committee to take part. 
    The vast majority of dancers today are not interested in competitive 
    dancing. Indeed, my conclusion is that competitive festivals have had their 
    day and while some, like Perth, limp along only the Newcastle Festival still 
    has a major buzz but then it does attract teams from the length and breadth 
    of Britain.
    As further evidence, I taught the Dundee Branch technique class for four 
    years. Each year I asked  the class members if they wanted to compete at 
    Perth. Each year they declined despite Andrea's efforts to cajole them into 
    it. The same dancers, however, worked their socks off each year to prepare 
    for the Dundee Branch non-competitive Festival when they could 'show off' to 
    their peers without having to sit and listen to some adjudicator spout 
    totally subjective opinions and tell them yet again what their teachers have 
    been saying every week for months.
    Personally, I will not lament the passing of competitive dancing which I 
    consider alien to the social nature of our pastime.
    Jim Healy
    Perth and Monaco

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