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  • Alan Paterson

    Alan Paterson March 13, 2006, 1:05 p.m. (Message 44668)

    Re: Teaching and guns

    On 13/03/2006 12:29, Andrea Re wrote:
    > 1) probably the long established classes don't welcome new members 
    > because, and rightly so, they can't be bothered with the Cumberland 
    > reels and the likes of it. If the group can't be bothered organizing 
    > beginners' classes, the group is to blame, not the teaching of steps.
    OK. Fair comment. However (as in our case) what do you do if you have 
    8-10 regulars and (on a good day) 2 beginners?
    If I were ever in the situation of having 6-8 beginners with whom I 
    could do a separate class, it would be like having my Birthday on the 
    25th December.
    P.S. Having received today my Scottish Country Dancer magazine I now 
    know what Andrea looks like. Aha! Chris Ronald as well. Isn't it odd how 
    one makes pictures of people with whom one corresponds - and these are 
    totally wrong?

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