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  • Martin

    Martin March 13, 2006, 11:30 a.m. (Message 44663)

    getting a partner

    Before going off on holiday, I wrote that, for the first time, I would find 
    out what it would be like to go unattached to an SCD event.
    I found a few people I knew and liked, and chatted/danced with some people 
    I'd never met before ... and had a wonderful time.
    Only once or twice did I not find a partner (though several times, when I 
    approached someone still sitting down, she had already been invited).  There 
    were no dance cards tofill in/out  (;-) , but there was some tendency for 
    couples to stick together.
    Some people, having come alone, were often sitting out. It appeared that, 
    when not invited, these people (ladies) dared not invite anyone thelmselves.
    Recaps were brief and clear, quite sufficient for me to do dances I had not 
    done before (and there were several of these each evening).  I had done my 
    homework and looked at the cribs sent out in advance, but with no attempt to 
    memorize them.
    If you have confidence in your own ability to get through any dance, you can 
    go alone.
    A slightly pushy lone lady I noticed rarely missed a dance. Another, more 
    pleasant, but somewhat reserved, sat out a lot. Whenever I danced with her 
    she obviously knew what she was doing, but had not the confidence to invite 
    a stranger (just in case she went wrong?), since a large part of the program 
    was unfamiliar.
    So, if you go alone, do your homework, feel confident, and remember there 
    are probably lots of partners out there hoping you will invite them.
    in Grenoble, France.

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