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  • e.ferguson

    e.ferguson March 12, 2006, 11:59 a.m. (Message 44643)

    Reply to:" setting on Strathspey

    Sorry for spamming everyone with my "Re: Islay" ; I hit "reply" without 
    looking at the automatically created address.
    This happens too often to all of us on Strathspey; always annoying and 
    sometimes embarrassing.
    Could you please reset the "Reply to:" setting for the list, so that 
    replies go to the original sender only, unless the replier explicitly sends 
    to the List ?  
    There will still be errors (the opposite way), but the worst they will do 
    is that a reply to the List is delayed till the mistake is discovered.  
    Greetings to you all,
    Eric T. Ferguson, 
    van Reenenweg 3, 3702 SB  ZEIST  Netherlands
    tel: (+31)(0) 30-2673638    
    e-mail: x.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx

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