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  • George Meikle

    George Meikle March 10, 2006, 9:09 a.m. (Message 44617)

    RE: Islay

    The information about "Islay" was supplied to me by another lady who died a
    few years ago and I do not have anything more than what is listed in the
    The entry for "Islay Strathspey" in the Sutton Coldfield Index was
    originally entered into the index by the late Barry Priddey and has been
    carried on in subsequent issues. I know who holds all Barry's old SCD books
    and leaflets after his death, but unfortunately that person is on holiday
    until end of March. I will pursue for you when they return.
    Kind regards
    George Meikle
    compiler of the
    Sutton Coldfield Country Dance Index
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    You seem to have stepped on a real mystery here!
      The 5C version ("Islay") is cribbed in "Minicribs" but no source  
    given; it is also listed in the Sutton Coldfield Index with the  
    sources remaining a mystery.
    The "Islay Strathspey" is listen in the Sutton Coldfield Index as  
    from RSCDS (MacNab), and in Napiers Index as collected by Jean  
    Milligan; but it does not appear in the Miss Milligan Miscellanies  
    nor in the Mary MacNab books (nor in the original MacNab Leaflet sets.)
    Please share any information with the rest of us!
    On 10-03-2006, at 3:06 , Merrill & Al Heubach wrote:
    > I am looking for the instructions/sources for two dances. One is  
    > The Islay
    > Strathspey; the other is Islay, a strathspey for 5 couples. I have  
    > crib
    > notes for the latter which are not completely clear to me. Can  
    > anyone help
    > with either or both dances? Thanks
    > Merrill Heubach
    > Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
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