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  • Wendy Grubb

    Wendy Grubb March 9, 2006, 2:48 p.m. (Message 44608)

    RE: Rules for teachers

    I usually hold the book in my hand as well since I
    have dancers who enjoy finding errors in what I say. 
    I know what you mean about the difficulty of what was
    meant. I usually get members of my group to volunteer
    to try various things if I am unsure as well as asking
    other teachers who have more experience than I do or
    who dance in other areas and maybe even know the
    devisor.  I personally do better with words than with
    pictures so I only use Pillings if I already know the
    dance.  My sister on the other hand dances with a
    group that uses Pillings extensively and she finds it
    very difficult to read dances and understand them.  It
    is good to have both since we have multiple learning
    styles in dancers.  
    --- Pia <> wrote:
    > I know - but where do you learn to understand a book
    > and the way it is
    > written?   We have a specific way of annotating
    > dances in RSCDS - ok - not
    > always brilliant - but it is there.   We have a lot
    > of people who write
    > dances - sometimes using wording which is 
    > understandable to them, I would
    > say in many cases because of what they have heard
    > but not always seen
    > written down, but not necessarily so the wording
    > travels well.
    > Many experienced dancers/teachers forget that lesser
    > mortals may not know
    > what they mean by - whatever they are saying.  Plus
    > the fact that one
    > teacher although brilliant - may deliver the
    > explanation in such a way that
    > some people do not understand it.   I have teachers
    > whose descriptions I
    > understand very well, and others who I can't
    > understand - nothing to do with
    > their teaching, just the way my brain analyse their
    > explanations.
    > I like to hold the book firmly in my hand - if
    > nothing else then for the
    > person who will ask 'why do we' and 'can't we do?'
    > and I can say - the
    > offical line is:.....
    > It has of course nothing to do with me having a
    > memory like a sieve, of
    > course :>)
    > Pia
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    > I think that what is meant is that as the teacher
    > one
    > has already perhaps chosen a certain wording so that
    > it is more clear to the class rather than just
    > reading
    > out of the book.  I know that I sometimes depend too
    > much on the book rather than already knowing exactly
    > what to tell the class.  Once I really know a dance
    > I
    > might describe it a little differently in a way that
    > would be easier to understand for the dancers.
    > Wendy Grubb
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