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  • Margaret Lambourne

    Margaret Lambourne March 9, 2006, 1:28 p.m. (Message 44603)

    Re: Scottish Country Dancer Magazine

    Do send Jimmie a copy of your reply to the Scotland on Sunday with all 
    the names on it and ask him to use his eyes better next time.
    Alasdair Graham wrote:
    > The promised 'January' edition of the 'Scottish Country Dancer' magazine 
    > has just arrived in the post.
    > I note it is dated as Spring 2006 therefore it is early in arriving here 
    > but I guess very late in other parts of the world.
    > There is a full page from Chris Ronald (New York) giving an overview of 
    > discussions on this forum and an official photograph of 'birling' at the 
    > AGM.  Seems it's OK for 'young' dancers to do.
    > There is comment on the New Manual together with a correction to page 
    > 66: 6.23.2. of the first printing.
    > Problems with the database for mailing out Member copies are highlighted 
    > with the plea for anyone not receiving their copy, or receiving too many 
    > copies, to get in touch.
    > Interestingly there is an article by Jimmie Hill (Editor of the Scottish 
    > Country Dancer) about the Scotland on Sunday Newspaper article of 1st 
    > January 2006 in which he laments that there were no letters from dancers 
    > sent in reply to the article??  He goes on to ask what should our 
    > response be?
    > Has he not been reading this forum and Pia's replies?
    > Are all editor's out of touch?
    > Looks just as interesting as the first issue.
    > Alasdair Graham
    > Dumbarton, Scotland.

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