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  • Patricia Ruggiero

    Patricia Ruggiero March 8, 2006, 5:05 p.m. (Message 44571)

    RE: Difference Between Briefing a dance and Recapping a Dance

    Chris wrote:
    > In short, by the time a ball or dance finally arrives, all I 
    > want and all I  
    > expect is a crisp and accurate reminder of how the dance 
    > goes.  A  short 
    > briefing or recap, in other words. 
    > Frankly, I feel I owe it to my fellow dancers to study the 
    > dances as well  as 
    > I can before a dance.
    Well said, Chris.  I'll add that it's my experience that if one doesn't know
    a complicated dance before the briefing, one is not likely to learn it from
    same; therefore, long and detailed briefings (a contradiction in terms) are
    not of benefit to those who don't know the dance, while being an irritant to
    those who do.
    Charlottesville, Virginia USA

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