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  • Jim Healy

    Jim Healy March 8, 2006, 10:41 a.m. (Message 44557)

    Acronyms and abbreviations (was emcee)

    Andrea writes:
    >1) The English language, on both sides of the Atlantic has an obsession 
    >about shortening words and creating acronyms of compound words. The same 
    >does not apply to, for example, romance languages. Certainly not to 
    Andrea, I must disagree. Try reading the Corriere della Sera without knowing 
    the meaning of CIGL, CISL and UIL (the main Unions) An, FI, PDS, FI (the 
    political parties) and so on, to say nothing of 'democristiani' or l'Ulivo. 
    I will agree that other languages can be worse with business letters in 
    Dutch leading the way with their t.g.v (in favour of) and t.a.v.(for the 
    attention of) and dozens more abbreviations that make them unintelligible 
    even to someone who speaks the language.
    Jim Healy
    Perth and 98000 MC

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