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  • Anselm Lingnau

    Anselm Lingnau March 8, 2006, 10:16 a.m. (Message 44556)

    Re: Computer programme "Dancemaster" - forwarded query

    Russell Ham wrote:
    > See
    This refers to a program for round dance cuers and, as such, is probably not 
    the one the original inquiry was about.
    I would venture to guess that the actual »DanceMaster« in question is a 
    program by Dirk Taeger which was supposed to help create Pilling-style 
    diagrams. It hasn't been heard of in a *long* time and may have fallen prey 
    to bit rot. I think that Dirk at least used to be based in Essen so maybe Eva 
    is not so badly placed to try and find out what happened to him/his program.
    Anselm Lingnau, Frankfurt, Germany .....................
    That's what's cool about working with computers. They don't argue, they
    remember everything and they don't drink all your beer.          -- Paul Leary

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