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  • Sophie Rickebusch

    Sophie Rickebusch March 8, 2006, 10:16 a.m. (Message 44555)

    Re: Emcee (off topic)

    Quoting Andrea Re <>:
    > 1) The English language, on both sides of the Atlantic has an obsession 
    > about shortening words and creating acronyms of compound words. The same 
    > does not apply to, for example, romance languages. Certainly not to 
    > Italian, nor, as far as I know, French or Spanish.
    I beg to differ... I wouldn't know about Italian or Spanish, but the French are
    notorious for it. Just one example: PAF ("paysage audio-visuel francais" -
    french TV and radio "landscape") is pronounced as one word (like "paf!", french
    equivalent to "thud!"), not pe-a-ef. Incidentally, this is particular to the
    French, Swiss french-speakers at least do not use half as many acronyms and tend
    to be rather annoyed by them (often because they don't understand what the
    french newsreader or whoever is going on about).
    Sophie Rickebusch
    CH - Wettswil a. A.

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