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  • Alasdair Graham

    Alasdair Graham March 7, 2006, 10:36 p.m. (Message 44538)

    Re: Difference Between Briefing a dance and Recapping a Dance

    Summer dancing in Alva (near Stirling, Scotland) is held for 12 weeks during 
    each summer with a different programme each week and 20 dances on the 
    programme.  There are no recaps.
    Similarly the twice monthly Castle Club Dances in Stirling during the winter 
    months have no recaps.
    In both cases a booklet is issued in advance containing the names of the 
    dances, and source for each, for every evening's dancing.
    These venues are generally full (nine sets or more in the smaller winter 
    venue) and the dancers attending are able to complete the dances without any 
    problem.  What you find is the more confident dancers are usually in the top 
    sets with the less confident towards the bottom of the rows.
    At these venues dancers form up immediately after the preceding dance.
    At dances in the Helensburgh, Glasgow and Ayr Branch areas a brief recap is 
    given for each dance.
    Dancers do not form sets before the dance is called at these events, as a 
    general rule.  However, again the more confident dancers form up nearer the 
    top of the rows and therefore the bands will see the same people most of the 
    I have noticed one or two sets which prefer to dance within their own group, 
    one set comprises 'birlers' and another a 'self help' group who manage 
    better when dancing together.  The vast majority dance with different 
    partners each dance.
    There is a saying here "he who pays the piper calls the tune" and if bands 
    are accepting money to play at venues where they do not like the customs 
    then perhaps they should refuse the bookings.
    Alasdair Graham
    Dumbarton, Scotland.
    For those who indulge in pedantic corrections see
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    From: "Susi Mayr" <xxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xx>
    I agree with Malcom that a succint re-cap is fine (I'm not arguing in favour
    of no recaps at all - at the moment).
    However, I fail to see why one would need both a briefing and a recap of
    the same dance, one more or less immediately after the other, all the way
    through an evening's programme. Perhaps this is a reflection of an 
    cultural /educational difference between the UK/Europe and North America?
    Susi Mayr
    Vienna, Austria

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