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  • simon scott

    simon scott March 7, 2006, 9:39 p.m. (Message 44536)

    RE: The Master of Ceremonies abbreviated

    I understood that Fiona was questioning the use of "emcee" rather than
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    I´ll go with pedant on this one. It is neither a uniquely American or 
    British tradition to turn abbreviations, into acronyms, into what sound 
    like words. If HM can refer to the Queen, or an MP refer to the queen, 
    and MD for medical doctor, RSM, etc., there is no reason why a lowly 
    Master of Ceremonies can not be an MC. In the U.S. we have similar 
    conventions, and in most cases, it saves a lot of time, as in CEO, HR, 
    POTUS, C-n-C, OD, etc.  

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