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  • mlamontbrown

    mlamontbrown March 7, 2006, 7:17 p.m. (Message 44531)

    RE: Difference Between Briefing a dance and Recapping a Dance

    While I have no objection to a brief re-cap, I really cannot see the justification
    for anything more. Presumably it is possible to get hold of the programme, and the
    instructions, before going to the dance - what is wrong in putting in a little
    homework, or even learning the dances while travelling to the dance?
    How many teachers and MCs have given in to a request to walk a dance, and thought
    "that was a complete waste of time" as people still go wrong? (give right hand
    instead of left, cast up instead of down, etc.)
    Yes the out-of-towners need to be looked after, but if that's because there are a lot
    of home-grown dances on the programme then perhaps that is the fault of the programme
    Making everyone stand through a detailed description of a dance they already know is
    as bad as making people dance an unknown dance without any help.
    Malcolm L Brown
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    > There are 6+ dance parties all within driving distance in the space of  about
    > 4 months. 16 dances per party, that's 96 dances to be learned by  heart.  Not
    > possible.  Perhaps there are some repeats but not  many.  This is why we need
    > briefings and recaps.
    > Sylvia Miskoe, Concord NH USA

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