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  • Gary Knox

    Gary Knox March 7, 2006, 7:15 p.m. (Message 44530)


    To Brief or Not to Brief - is a question that was debated for several years
    in this area. Monthly parties were always briefed as they are informal and
    the desire to encourage new dancers to participate is very important. The
    Branch Committee's last directive was that most dances at a formal ball
    would be briefly briefed; a briefing was not required for complicated dances
    that took longer to brief than dance.
    I can remember one discussion where it was pointed out that memorization is
    much more important in Scottish schools (and the use of those brain cells)
    than in US schools where the philosophy seems to be to look it up if you
    need to know.
    My guess is that most dancers in this area with 4 - 10 years experience
    could not dance more than a dozen dances if they were only given the name
    and had not danced it recently or studied for a program.
    Gary, San Francisco Branch
    Gary Knox
    3673 Stoneglen South
    Richmond, CA  94806-5261

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