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    0AM7L@SIA March 7, 2006, 5:49 p.m. (Message 44526)

    Re: Difference Between Briefing a dance and Recapping a Dance

    >The answer is:   Because presumably not everyone is local thus hasn't had the
    luxury of practicing those dances exclusively for weeks ahead of time.  If
    Branches want non-locals to attend events, they must take them into
    consideration.   If they don't want to 'waste valuable time' briefing or walking
    dances for the benefit of non-locals, then they shouldn't promote the event via
    flyers mailed to other branches, on their websites, handouts on tables at other
    balls, etc.  You can't have it both ways:   You either earn your Branch some
    income off out-of-towners--in which case you must consider them--or you don't.
    Margaret Sarna
    Thanks for the explanation. It makes me wonder, however, why you feel the
    > need to have both breifing and recap. I would consider a recap sufficient
    > at a social event/ball, especially if the programme is published in advance
    > of the event itself. As Jim Healy says, why waste valuable dancing time?
    > Susi

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