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  • MacdonaldBall

    MacdonaldBall March 7, 2006, 1:53 a.m. (Message 44520)

    Re: SD before the 19th century/SD cafe fear NC-Great Awakening?

    yes, interesting article.
    I have ALWAYS been surprised that there is virtually NO form of  Scottish 
    Social Dancing... ceilidh or otherwise among the Scots who settled in  the Cape 
    Fear River area of the Carolinas...  So many Scots Settled there  in the mid to 
    late 1700's (not the least of which was Flora Macdonald  and husband Alan).  
    Of course this was WAY before RSCD as we know it today  but you would have 
    thought there would have been Scottish ceilidh dances handed  down among 
    families...or some type of Scottish Social dance....  I've often  wondered if it was 
    influenced by the "great awakening" movement in the US.....  and perhaps 
    thought of as simply vulgar..and thus discouraged....  It  strikes me that these 
    Scots would have danced before coming to America. But  maybe not.  Girls often 
    did highland dancing in competitions  and for May Day celebrations.... but again 
    no social dancing.  
    New York City
    Originally from
    North Carolina

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