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  • SMiskoe

    SMiskoe March 6, 2006, 2:37 p.m. (Message 44511)

    Re: Intros and recaps

    In theory the idea of telling the dancers which category of dance is on the  
    program and hoping they will make intelligent decisions is great.  But I  
    dont' feel it is very practical.  For instance -
    A set needs a couple.  One experienced dancer is willing but there are  no 
    other dancers who are experienced.  The set gets filled.  Or, as  the MC is 
    pleading with someone to fill the set, an inexperienced couple takes  the floor.
    New folks are encouraged to come and dance.  Everyone gets them up and  there 
    is little regard for the level of difficulty.
    Here in the US all dances are breifed, the conflict comes over walking or  
    not walking through each dance.
    Sylvia Miskoe, Concord, NH USA

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