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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister March 6, 2006, 11:55 a.m. (Message 44509)

    Re: Intros and recaps (was Taking the floor)

    The MC could do 2 things - they could ask every set whether the 1st 
    couple knows what they will be doing and ask couples to quickly swap 
    position (if everyone does why bother recapping) and they can call the 
    dance 1st time through both of these practices should reduce the amount 
    of time taken.
    In addition, dancers could be asked to refrain from applauding recappers 
    who simply read the entire instructions.
    In message <>, Jim Healy 
    <> writes
    >The second point (from the clarification of the difference in Doug’s 
    >terminology between recap and brief) points up a growing trend that, in 
    >my view, needs to be stopped. Recaps or whatever you want to call them 
    >should be brief! I now flee the room whenever Quarries’ Jig (an 
    >excellent dance) is on the programme because the ‘brief’ tends to 
    >take longer than the dance. Doug’s suggestion that not only should 
    >there be a full length talk through, as one would find in a full dance 
    >description, followed by what seems to me to be a recap, fills me with 
    >horror – all that dancing time wasted. Given the number of dances on 
    >programmes today, recaps are necessary and here to stay: turning social 
    >events into classes is not.
    Bryan McAlister

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