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  • Volleyballjerry

    Volleyballjerry March 6, 2006, 5:52 a.m. (Message 44504)

    stampede vs. genteel reordering

    More sensible comments (below) from Sylvia!  I've been dancing for decades, 
    and I am trying to remember a dance, a simple monthly dance with recorded music 
    or a much grander ball with musicians, whereïn consistently throughout the 
    whole evening the entire floor was cleared (to where?) between dances.  I'm not 
    certain that I am even able to recall any such thing in its extreme.  I can 
    well imagine the scenario described by Sylvia (below), for which many seem to be 
    wishing, creating much more of a not-so-elegant stampede at the announcement 
    of the next dance than the calm and genteel thanking of one's partner for the 
    dance just finished, then either locating a prebooked partner or asking 
    someone within sight spontaneously for the next one, and reorganizing without great 
    rush into new sets.
    Robb Quint
    Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
    In a message dated 03/03/2006 9:33:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
    > It is very elegant to clear the floor in between dances but I can  
    > understand 
    > why it doesn't always happen.  Your seat is on one side of a  dance floor 
    > that holds 150 dancers.  You want to dance with someone who is  seated on 
    > the 
    > opposite side of the floor.  It is easier to meet them in the  middle of the 
    > floor than make a mad dash across the floor when the dance is  announced.  
    > And 
    > often by the time you get to the other side, that person  already has a 
    > partner 
    > who was closer.
    > Sometimes the dance program is quite full, the hall must be emptied by a  
    > certain time or there are great overtime fees, and people finish a dance, 
    > thank  
    > their partner and mill about looking for the next one so there is no 
    > down-time 
    > between dances.
    > Sylvia Miskoe, Concord, NH USA

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