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  • Ron Mackey

    Ron Mackey March 6, 2006, 12:52 a.m. (Message 44497)

    RE: Taking to the floor (I'm not altogether with Simon!)

    	I rather liked the rhythm of those dances.  In those days it was 
    not, usually, a question of hopping into the car  and driving off.  Very 
    often there was a walk, a train/bus journey (only 1 bus - if you were 
    lucky!) and another walk even before one started dancing.  It also took 
    longer to get ready for the dance what with coats and shoes and sashes 
    and so we got there earlier and had time to start the social chit-chat.
    	There were usually 16 -18 dances in a programme which left 
    rather more time to socialise between dances and the halls closed 
    earlier.  I remember having to curtail one programme as we were 
    running a little late and the hall-keeper was exceedingly crotchety.
    	Nowadays people feel short changed if they don't get 22 or 24 
    dances in their evening.  Then they hop in their car and are home 
    before one would have time to catch the train home.
    	I liked that.  Mind you, the time I am talking about was about 
    Book 15 -16?  :))

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