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  • Volleyballjerry

    Volleyballjerry Feb. 9, 2006, 5:17 p.m. (Message 44206)

    Re: PINEWOODS 2006

    Seeing the "Re:" on the subject heading below, I assumed that it was a reply 
    to a previous message, and since I know folks who might be interested in 
    Pinewoods, I went hunting for the original message to forward to them as well.  Not 
    having found it among recent messages, I sorted alphabetically by subject 
    heading and still found none.  I assume then that likely Jane included the "Re:" 
    as part of her original subject heading to mean "this is concerning."  Based 
    on my wild-goose chase for an original message, I would suggest that folks not 
    do that, but simply allow the e-mail to automatically add the "Re" ONLY when 
    responding to an already posted message.
    (Apologies of course in advance to Jane if there actually had been an 
    original message that I somehow had not been able to locate.)
    Robb Quint
    Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
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    >  Date: 02/09/2006 5:32:38 AM Pacific Standard Time
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    > The dates for Scottish Pinewoods (a dance camp held each year just outside 
    > of 
    > Boston, Massachusetts)  are July 7-15.  To view all the details and print 
    > out 
    > an application (if you didn't receive one on the mail) please go to our 
    > website:  All the information is listed under 
    > "events"
    > For all of you with a great exchange rate...this might be the year to think 
    > about joining us and perhaps staying to tour New England!
    > Hoping to see many new faces!
    > Jane Angstrom, co-chair

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