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  • WL Whyte

    WL Whyte Feb. 8, 2006, 9:36 p.m. (Message 44196)

    Re: The Gatwick gathering

    quite a good start for a thread on dances for ........
    a half-couple.
    P.S. There would be certain pre-requisites, like
    a) make sure everybody knows which end of Gatwick (North or South)
    b) make sure the airport security people are informed beforehand, otherwise 
    you may be arrested
    c) remember to take your ghetto-blaster and a few CDs
    d) since you like dancing in your bare-feet remember that unattended baggage 
    (your shoes) "may be removed and destroyed" as the tannoy never ceases to 
    remind us
    e) remember not to wear a 'skean dhu' however you spell it
    f) alert the local press
    g) and finally if you fear a lack of spectators announce that you will be 
    maintaining Scottish traditional clothing standards
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    Subject: The Gatwick gathering
    > The mystery can be cleared up.
    > There is a lonely Scottish dancer who finds himself obliged to spend 
    > several long hours between flights in Gatwick airport. Since it is a large 
    > place with plenty of space, he thought it would be a good opportunity to 
    > meet some of the hundreds of dancers in the Sussex-Surrey area, have a bit 
    > of fun and some exercise, too.
    > No, there's no Gatwick branch, no secretary (with mascara or without), and 
    > for the moment, not many willing dancers.
    > But I'll be there !
    > Martin,
    > packing his bags in Grenoble, France.

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