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  • Elainerb

    Elainerb Feb. 8, 2006, 1:36 a.m. (Message 44181)

    Re: Plug: new Society CD

    This looks like it would be VERY HANDY for puting demo sets  together (if you 
    don't have live music)....
    What would the cost be in US $?????
    Elaine (USA)
    In a message dated 2/7/2006 9:33:42 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
    I am pleased to announce that we finally have in  stock the new CD by Mo 
    Rutherford and Neil Copland of music for all of the  Medal Tests for Young 
    Dancers. The disc comprises 37 tracks as detailed  below (full details to 
    save Alan asking) and is priced at £13 less usual  members' discounts.
    Having had a pre-production copy for a few weeks I  can say that I have found 
    this a useful general addition to the teaching  bag but then I would say 
    that, wouldn't I :)
    Jim Healy
    Monaco  (and Coates Crescent)
    Introductory Grade
    1 A REEL FOR JEANNIE (Reel,  1 x 32) 0’43”
    Angus Grant’s Reel (Douglas Keir)
    2 CUMBERLAND REEL (Jig,  1 x 32) 0’43”
    The Cumberland Reel (Original) (Traditional)
    3 THE DHOON  (Jig, 1 x 32) 0’43”
    Creag Mhor (Muriel A Johnstone)
    4 THE FLYING  SCOTSMAN (Jig, 1 x 32) 0’43”
    Roaring Jelly (J O’Neill)
    5 THE FLYING  SCOTSMAN (Jig, 2 X 32) 1’16”
    Roaring Jelly (J O’Neill) Biddy the Bowl Wife  (Traditional)
    Grade 1
    6 A JIG FOR MRS DUNN (Jig, 2 x 32)  1’16”
    Tracy’s Jig (Muriel A Johnstone) Coldside Jig (Angus Fitchet)
    7  THE HONEYMOON (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    O gin I were where Gadie rins  (Traditional) Polly Stewart (Traditional)
    8 JOE McDIARMID’S JIG (Jig, 1 x  32) 0’43”
    Joe MacDiarmid’s Jig (Original) (Rob Loch)
    9 LE PAPILLON (Jig,  2 x 32) 1’16”
    Le Papillon (Original) (Skillern’s compleat collection)  Shandon Bells 
    10 GALLOWAY HOUSE (Reel, 2 x 32)  1’16”
    Aitken Drum (Traditional) Come Let Us Dance and Sing  (Traditional)
    Grade 2
    11 KENDALL’S HORNPIPE (Jig, 2 x 32)  1’16”
    Ower the Water (Traditional) Edmond McKenzie of Plockton (Andrew  Rankine)
    12 MRS STEWART’S JIG (Jig, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    Captain Charles  Stewart’s Jigg (Malcolm MacDonald) Miss Gordon of Park 
    (William  Marshall)
    13 WAYS IN NEW HALL (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’17”
    Ways in New Hall  (Original) (Richard Adams) Dunkeld Volunteers (Neil Gow)
    14 DE’IL AMANG THE  TAILORS (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    The De’il amang the tailors (Gow) Deveron Reel  (Neil Grant)
    15 LADY C BRUCE’S REEL (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    The Stornoway  Sailor (Neil Grant) The Old Grey |Cat (Traditional)
    16 ESPIE MacNABB (Reel,  2 x 32) 1’16”
    The Dandy Ninth (Nan Main) Anda Campbell’s Frolic (Colin  Dewar)
    Grade 3
    17 THE DUKE OF PERTH (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’15 ”
    Duke of  Perth’s Reel (Bremner 1757) Dawn Express (Traditional)
    18 MRS MacLEOD  (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    Mrs MacLeod of Raasay (Gow Collection)  Willafjord
    19 SCOTTISH REFORM (Jig, 2 x 32) 1’15”
    Scottish Reform  (Original) (Traditional) Maggie Brown’s Jig (Traditional)
    20 THE REEL OF  THE 51st DIVISION (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    The Drunken Piper (or Highland Rory)  (Alex McLeod) Polwarth on the Green 
    21 THE MAIDS OF  CURRIE (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    The Maids of Currie (Original) (Helen  Cruickshank) Norman Whitelaw (Angus 
    22 LADIES’ FANCY (Jig, 2 x  32) 1’15”
    Peggie’s Wedding (Bremner/Gow’s Repository) Ian MacKintosh of  Pine House 
    (Lindsay Ross)
    Grade 4
    23 MAXWELL’S RANT (Reel, 2 x  32) 1’16”
    Maxwell’s Rant (Traditional) The Girl I Left Behind Me  (Traditional)
    24 THE EXPRESS (Jig, 2 x 40) 1’32”
    The Ferry (Kerr’s  Collection) Cavehill (Traditional)
    25 LA FLORA (Jig, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    Miss  Jane Douglas (Robert Mackintosh) Miss Trotter (of Castlelaw’s) Reel
    26 LORD  ROSSLYN’S FANCY (Jig, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    Lord Rosslyn’s Fancy (Original)  (Traditional) Newcastle Bridge (Abrahim 
    27 THE CUMBRAE REEL  (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    Willie was a Wanton Wag (Robert Burns) The Hersleyside  Reel
    28 BRECHIN FANCY (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’17”
    Bobbers o’ Brechin (William  Marshall) Storrer’s Hornpipe
    Grade 5
    29 A TRIP TO THE DRAKENSBERG  (Jig, 2 x 40) 1’31”
    The Britches Maker (Gow/ Traditional Collection)  Cherish the Ladies 
    30 GENERAL STUART’S REEL (Reel, 2 x  32) 1’19”
    The Stuart’s Rant (Bremner, Gow’s Repository) New Brig O’ Ayr  (Traditional)
    31 12 COATES CRESCENT (Strathspey, 1 x 32) 1’10”
    The  Glendale Strathspey (Roddy Matthews)
    32 MISS HADDEN’S REEL (Jig, 2 x 32)  1’16”
    The Stone Court (Margaret Rae) Anne Fraser MacKenzie (Bobby  Macleod)
    BOOKLET221/10/2005, 11:25 am2
    33 LADY SUSAN STEWART’S REEL  (Reel, 2 x 32) 1’18”
    Lady Susan Stewart (Traditional) Miss Jean Milligan  (Winifred Bird Matthew)
    34 MISS GIBSON’S STRATHSPEY (Strathspey, 2 x 32)  2’12”
    The Music o’ Spey (James Scott Skinner) Sarona (James Scott  Skinner)
    35 JOIE DE VIVRE (Jig, 2 x 32) 1’16”
    Andersons (Carol Cook)  Jimmy Harris’ Jig (Angus Fitchet)
    36 COLLEGE HORNPIPE (Reel, 2 x 32)  1’18”
    Jolly Tars (Kerr’s Collection) Edward Jay’s Jaunt (Angus  Fitchet)
    37 CAPE TOWN WEDDING (Strathspey, 2 x 32) 2’11”
    Mr Dolph  Morris’ Strathspey (Pete Kier) Miss Ann Rutherford (Walter  
    All tunes arranged Maureen  Rutherford

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