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  • Loretta Holz

    Loretta Holz Feb. 7, 2006, 5:32 a.m. (Message 44170)

    Re: Teaching Rights and Lefts (was Modern technology in preparation forthe prelim?)

    Iain wrote--
    > I usually teach 'rights and lefts' to beginners as follows -
    He detailed 5 steps.
    This multi-step process probably works very well but I have found a much
    quicker method of teaching rights and lefts.  Right hand across with partner
    is no problem.  It's the left along the line which confuses beginners
    because they don't know which way to turn (and may end up turning around in
    a circle).  Rather than telling them which way to turn, I have found that
    the information they need is WHOM they need to look for.
    When they are standing in the set, they need to carfully observe whom they
    are standing next to.  The simple direction is to find that same person on
    the other side and immediately give left hand to him or her.  By locating
    this person on their right or left, they have the direction established
    without thinking right or left.  This has worked very well for me.
    Warren, NJ, USA

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