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  • Alexandre Rafalovitch

    Alexandre Rafalovitch Feb. 6, 2006, 4:04 p.m. (Message 44164)

    Re: Modern technology in preparation for the prelim?

    On 2/6/06, L. Friedman~Shedlov <> wrote:
    > On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Sophie Rickebusch wrote:
    > > When I was preparing my prelim 2 years ago, I found that teaching the
    > > figures was the best way to get them into my head, so I would say get as
    > > much practice as you can.
    > This comment makes me wonder if the RSCDS considered making the written
    > test unit 1 instead of unit 3 of the first part of the exam.  In other
    > words, it would make more sense to take a written test after you'd had a
    > chance to really absorb the material, and  it's hard to do so purely on
    > the basis of reading.  It's all kind of meaningless until you put it into
    > practice.
    Well, I haven't tried teaching yet, but I have heard a lot of the
    instructions while being taught. So, now when I am trying to memorise
    them, they go into the fertile ground.
    And I think I would want to memorise all those standard
    phrases/formations before I try to teach them. Otherwise, it would be
    a total mess trying to remember 15 new things, rather than 5 new
    (class observing and adjusting) and having the other 10 (formation,
    phrases, music) down pat from having to do it for the exam.
    But yes, it would be nice to practice too. :-)

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