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  • Sophie Rickebusch

    Sophie Rickebusch Feb. 6, 2006, 8:48 a.m. (Message 44156)

    Re: Modern technology in preparation for the prelim?

    Hi Alex,
    When I was preparing my prelim 2 years ago, I found that teaching the figures was 
    the best way to get them into my head, so I would say get as much practice as 
    you can. Obviously if you've only got 2 weeks left it's a bit late for that, but 
    nevertheless, try picking figures at random (well, I'd concentrate on the most 
    common ones first, don't worry about the spurtle or the 1C poussette unless 
    you've really gone through all the rest!) and think about how you would teach 
    them, if possible making up rhythmic sequences (eg. "away from the centre / 
    quarter turn / etc." for the poussette). Hopefully that should help you remember 
    them, aside from being useful material for part 3.
    One way in which modern technology can be useful is if you've got trouble 
    distinguishing between reels and jigs (I used to): get your hi-fi (or iPod or 
    whatever) to play tracks at random, then try and guess what they are (clapping 
    to the music helps).
    Other than that, the time-honoured methods of reading through the manual, 
    having "question and answer" sessions with other students (or anyone else who's 
    willing) and trying to answer old exam papers (available on the RSCDS website) still 
    worked for me.
    Good luck with unit 1 anyway - if you're taking units 2-3 in the second fortnight at 
    summer school I might see you there as I'm aiming to take unit 5 then.
    Quoting Alexandre Rafalovitch <>:
    > Greetings,
    > Is anybody (or anybody in your class) preparing for the Preliminary
    > Examination, part 1? And if so, what modern tools and techniques are
    > helpful for that? I would be curious to hear suggestions and opinions,
    > in part because I am sitting exactly that exam in 2 weeks, but also
    > because there must be better ways to learn than staring at the page
    > trying to inhale the difference between Allemande for 3 and Allemande
    > for 4 couples.
    > At the moment, I am using electronic flashcards for at least part of
    > the preparations. They are publicly available in case somebody is
    > interested or wants to comment. Details are in my blog at:
    > Regards,
    >    Alex.
    Sophie Rickebusch
    CH - Wettswil a. A.

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