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  • Eddy West

    Eddy West Feb. 4, 2006, 3:23 a.m. (Message 44124)

    Re: Celtic Reels

    No the "Celtic Reel differs from the rotating reels of 4 in Belhaven - also 
    described in "Roll Back The Carpet". The simplest way to explain this is to 
    say that in a rotating reel of 4, as in a non rotating reel you pass one of 
    the other dancers to go into the centre, another in the centre and then pass 
    the third other person to go out to the other end (or s ide if the reel 
    rotates) while in the "Celtic Reel" you pass the same person going out as 
    you passed going in. This is because in a rotating Reel of 4 you only go 
    round the person in the centre 1/4 turn while in the "Celtic Reel" you go 
    3/4. A revolving reel of takes 8 bars to complete while the Celtic Reel 
    takes 16.
    Barry Skelton has written two dances with revolving reels of 4 both as 
    Ceilidh items, one "The Caber" is published in "The Kiwi Book", the other 
    involving a double revolving reel was interesting but not something to dance 
    Eddy West
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    >> Thanks for the explanation.  It sounds very like a figure in one of the
    >> dances submitted for the New Scotland 50th Anniversary book (I can't
    >> remember the name, it didn't make the cut on the dance-throughs, but I
    >> remember a whole lot of us getting confused by these rotating reels).
    >> Ian Brockbank
    > Are these reels the same or similar to the ones Hugh Foss tried
    > in Belhaven?   I seem to remember him playing that sort of game but I
    > can't get to my copy at the moment - it's buried somewhere fairly
    > nearby but ...  ! :~)   He certainly did a reel of four where one entered
    > from a circle and back out again and thought he made it rotate in
    > another variation which would be something similar.
    > Wish we could try some of them again.

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