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  • Martin

    Martin Feb. 3, 2006, 1:42 p.m. (Message 44094)

    Re: The Guid Man of Ballangigh

    I remember first learning this as an English c d (a Playford dance, I 
    When I announced (called, briefed) it at an SCD event, some alert souls told 
    me I had it all wrong.
    Checked my sources.
    No, my memory had not  let me down.
    But when the Society adopted the dance, it was changed without anyone 
    telling me
    Not to match Scottish style, or anything excusable, just changed.
    (details for those interested:
    ECD : 1-4: 1st man leads his pt down, cast back
    5-8: 1st man leads 2nd man across, cast back.
    9-12: 2nd man leads his pt up, cast back.
    13-16:  2nd lady leads 1st lady across, cast back.
    Each dancer (except 1st lady) dances an 8-bar sequence, picking up the 
    person in his right after casting to original place.
    SCD : 9-12: (2nd man stands still while) 1st & 2nd ladies dance across, cast 
    25-28: 4 hands round halfway in 4 bars is hardly typical to SCD, whereas it 
    can be walked wide in ECD.)
    And I still prefer the flow of the ECD version.
    in Grenoble, France 

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