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  • Elainerb

    Elainerb Feb. 3, 2006, 1:22 p.m. (Message 44091)

    Re: The Guid Man of Ballangigh

    This one was definitely an English dance fist. The original movements are  
    similar (two people dancing through the other two and back to place in 4  bars)  
    but the pairings are completely different and it flows  beautifully.  This is 
    one of those dances that should have been left as an  English dance.  Not 
    sure how some of these old English dances 'morph' into  a similar but different 
    Scottish dancee that usually don't work as well.!
    Marjorie has the history on this one and often uses this in her classes of  
    English/Scottish similarities and differences etc.
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    Hi  there, Marie
    I had no involvement with RSCDS HQ Committees when Book 30 was  produced but
    we danced The Guidman here in Aberdeen.  It was danced as  a SLOW jig and
    required a lot of control, (cf. The Gentle Shepherd) which  may be the reason
    why it lost popularity.  The instructions I had  originally exactly replicate
    the movements in the Book 30 dance though they  are expressed differently.
    You mention a different spelling - is it  Balangeich?
    The dance was a favourite with Tibbie Cramb who was probably on  the
    Publications Committee at that time.  John Drewry may also have  been on the
    Committee and I'll check with him.
    Jean Martin
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    Subject: The Guid Man of Ballangigh
    Hi Everyone
    I would  like to know who was around when the RSCDS produced The Guidman  of
    Ballangigh in Book 30.
    I have the printed music for 3 versions in  The Playford Ball.
    Three dances all different than the one in Book  30.
    The spelling is a little different also.
    I would love to know  the Royal Scottish Country Dance history on this one.
    Marie from  Surrey B.C.  Canada_______________________________________________

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